Show Results for January 2016

Started the new year with a lovely win for Pearl.  Under a Gundog specialist at Wollondilly she was Best Junior in the Gundog group.

We headed off to Newcastle for 4 shows mid January and had a huge weekend of wins.  The highlight was Tuppence winning Best Puppy in Show along with Puppy Sweepstakes.  She also won two Best Puppy in the Gundog group and was placed 2nd twice in Sweepstakes.  That weekend we won 6 of the 8 challenges – Quest winning 2, Cleo winning 2 and Tuppence winning 2 from Puppy class, which is just fabulous, mostly under either Breed or Gundog specialists!!

The last weekend of the month saw us back in Newcastle for 4 shows.  Tuppence did very well again winning one Puppy Sweepstakes class under a Gundog specialist and on the final day was placed second in the Puppy Sweepstakes Class.  Quest won Best Australian Bred in Group and Cleo won a Best Intermediate in Group!!  As for the challenges, there was 8 on offer and we won 6 of them.  2 to Quest, 2 to Cleo & another 2 to Tuppence.  This meant Tuppence is now more than half way to becoming a Champion at just 11 months old.  So another great month for our kids!!


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