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Welcome to the BlueBreeze puppy page.  I am sure there are many things you want to know and I hope I can answer some of those questions with what I present below.

BlueBreeze DO NOT run a waiting list.  We advertise all litters via this page once our babies are two weeks old.

Our next litter is now confirmed.  Athena/Dealer litter is due on 13th September and Cleo/Orion litter is due on 14th September.  On 28th September I will update this page and commence accepting enquiries for our puppies for five days.  You can email me during this window of time and I will send you a questionnaire.  On 3rd October I will review all questionniares and choose the families that offer the best homes, those lucky families will then be invited to visit to meet mum & the babies, as described below “meet & greet” meeting.

It may be of interest for you to know that there are regularly over 5,000 hits on Google, every single month in Australia, for “Golden Retriever Puppies for sale.” This means you are wanting to buy a puppy from a breed that is highly regarded.  While BlueBreeze do sell puppies interstate, we will not put puppies on flights during the high heat of the Australian summer and we DO NOT sell our puppies to overseas buyers.

Our aim at BlueBreeze is to breed sound, healthy, happy puppies, that meet the Golden Retriever Breed Standard in every way.  Starting with the parents, who are health checked prior to breeding.

At this point of your research I think it’s appropriate that we discuss the colour of a Golden Retriever.  By it’s name it’s meant to be golden.  Our breed standard clearly outlines that a golden can be “any shade of gold from cream to dark gold.  Not white and not mahogany.”  Unfortunately in today’s world I see Golden Retrievers being advertised as:  reds, English cream, white and would you believe it, some even advertise black!!!  Any breeder advertising these colours are not registered breeders and are not providing a pedigree puppy.  That old saying of “buyer beware” should be taken very seriously if you see a breeder advertising in this regard.

How things work at BlueBreeze – The buying process:
You see and advertisement from us either here on my puppy page or perhaps on Dogzonline.

You contact us expressing your interest in one of our puppies.

If you sound like a loving home, I will send you a questionnaire (the questionnaire is not online).

You complete the questionnaire, returning it via email, telling us as much as you can and why you would make a good home for one of our babies.

We review all the questionnaires received and select the families that we feel will provide the best homes, I contact you via phone or email and set up a time for you to come out to meet the puppies, parents and myself.  Should that meeting go well you are then moved to an “approved” status.  This first “meet and greet” is extremely important for both parties.  You will receive a full tour of our facility, meet the babies and all my dogs.  You will get to see the health certificates of the parents and if an outside stud dog has been used, you will get to see pictures of him.  We both need to be comfortable with each other and feel a high level of trust to proceed further.

You are welcome to visit BlueBreeze as often as you wish.  All visits are by appointment.

When the puppies are around 6 – 7 weeks old, I contact you to set up a time for your final visit.  I also send you a list of items that you need to purchase in preparation for your puppy’s arrival.  Do not buy dog food until you receive my list of items as I will specify the brand of food your puppy needs to be fed.

On the day you take delivery of your puppy you need to arrive at your appointment time as there may be several babies departing on this day.  We go down to the puppy house where, with my assistance, you choose your puppy.  The puppy is then bathed and groomed, we complete the paperwork, sign the contract and get you on your way home.

A day or two after you take delivery of your new baby I contact you to check in and see how things are going.   As a responsible breeder, I breed for the life of my dogs, therefore I am available to you for advice for his or her entire life.

BlueBreeze DO NOT take deposits for puppies, you pay for puppy in full on the day of departure.

How things work at BlueBreeze – Mothers & babies:
Once the new mum comes into season she is permanently moved to the human house, where she spends her time being spoilt and pampered.  At some point during her season she is mated to an appropriate male that we have selected.  Choosing the right male is a process that takes several weeks of research and comparison.

Gestation is 61 to 63 days.

A few days prior to the babies being born I move in with mum and sleep beside her and the whelping box until the babies are 10-14 days old.  I am there to help mum with the delivery of every puppy, which are most often born in the middle of the night.

When the babies are 3 days old, I introduce them to a socialisation program called ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation).  This program aims to socialise the babies, so when they leave us to go to their forever homes, they have a sound golden temperament – kind, friendly & confident.

At 3 weeks of age I start the weaning process and introduce the babies to solid food with one meal per day.  This is a messy process until the babies learn not to walk and swim through the dinner bowl, some will even fall asleep in their bowl.

At 4 weeks of age mum & her babies are moved out of the whelping box to the puppy house.  Here they can play to their hearts content and obviously have a much greater area to explore.  I do not separate mum from her babies, unless she tells me she wants some time away.  I also allow mum to feed her babies for as long as she has milk, which is usually 6-7 weeks.  Once the babies move to the puppy house we take weekly photo’s of them putting them in the gallery section of our website, so our puppy buyers can see the development of the babies through until the day they depart.

At 7 ½ weeks of age we hold a “puppy assessment” day, where a dog judge, usually a breed specialist comes to view & assess the litter.  We compare each puppy to the breed standard and select those puppies being kept at BlueBreeze for our ongoing breeding & show program and those puppies going to other show or obedience homes.  Show home orders get first priority.  To give you an idea of what we look for in a show puppy see the diagram at the bottom of this page or click here for the Golden Retriever Extended Breed Standard.

At 8 weeks of age the babies are ready to go to their forever homes.  On the day they are due to depart we arrange appointment times for each of the “pre-approved” puppy buyers.  The new owners come and choose their puppy.  We bath the baby and complete the paperwork, answering any questions you have along the way.

A day or two after the puppy has left BlueBreeze, I make contact with every new owner to “check in,” answer any more questions and ensure the puppy has settled into the new home.

As a registered responsible breeder, my responsibility to my puppies doesn’t end the day they depart.  I am available to my puppy buyers for the life of the dog, to assist you in anyway, answer any questions you may have as time passes.

Most puppy buyers will visit us at least twice.  The first visit is a “meet and greet,” as described in “the buying process” above.  The second visit is when you come, select your puppy and take him or her home.  You are welcome to visit as often as you wish after the puppies are born.

When you buy a BlueBreeze puppy you get:
• A pedigree puppy, bred by a registered breeder with Dogs NSW and a member of The Golden Retriever Club of NSW Inc.
• The puppy will be micro-chipped, vaccinated and wormed
• Registration with Dogs NSW on the Limited Register. Main register or show quality puppies maybe available but conditions apply
• An 8 deep family tree plus the ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council) official pedigree certificate
• A 40 plus page booklet giving you all sorts of information on the breed.  What to feed, a weight chart so you can manage the puppy’s weight as he or she grows
• A list of foods, plants and other things that are poisonous to dogs
• Guidelines on how to settle your new puppy into your home
• All BlueBreeze puppies come with a 6 week free pet insurance through Pet Plan
• All BlueBreeze puppies are sold with a 100% money back guaranteed non negotiable contract.

You may also view the original health certificates from parents – hips, elbows, heart & eyes, as part of your first visit.

BlueBreeze puppies are sold to show, obedience, agility and retrieving homes as well as pet homes.  If you are interested in any of these K9 activities please let us know so we can send you some more information.  If you are after a Main Register puppy then you need to be honest and up front with us from the beginning of your enquiry, telling us you want a Main Register puppy on the day you pick up your puppy will not get you what you want.  A Main Register puppy is one that can be entered in conformation shows and can be bred with.  In NSW it’s also referred to as the Blue Register.

Recommended reading:  Jan Fennell “The Puppy Listener” ISBN 978-0-00-741378-2 and Jan Fennell “The Dog Listener” ISBN 0-06-008946-6.  Both books are excellent in their instructions on how to train and manage a dog.  We also recommend you read the “buying a puppy” page on The Golden Retriever Club of NSW website:  https://grcnsw.org.au/buying-a-puppy/

We would appreciate that when you enquire about our puppies, you do so via phone or email.  We will not respond to text messages.

How to avoid buying a puppy from a puppy farm.




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