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Welcome to the BlueBreeze puppy page.  I am sure there are many things you want to know and I hope I can answer some of those questions with what I present below.  Please read this page and the PDF documents before making contact with us.

We will have no puppies available to new buyers during 2020 and probably into early 2021.  However, those families who already own a BlueBreeze puppy and are returning for a second or third dog should email or call for more details.  Should this situation change this page will be updated.

We DO NOT run a waiting list for any NEW owner enquiries.

We recommend you contact the Puppy Information Officer at the Golden Retriever Club in your state of residence and read their buying a puppy page.  For NSW that is:   https://grcnsw.org.au/buying-a-puppy/

It may be of interest for you to know that there are regularly over 5,000 hits on Google, every single month in Australia, for “Golden Retriever puppies for sale.” This means you are wanting to buy a puppy from a breed that is highly regarded and unfortunately difficult to get.  Since COVID-19 there has been a 6 fold increase in puppy enquiries.

Our aim at BlueBreeze is to breed sound, healthy, happy puppies, that meet the Golden Retriever Breed Standard in every way.  Starting with the parents, who are health checked prior to breeding.  Click here to download the Standard:  Golden Retriever Extended Breed Standard

At this point of your research I think it’s appropriate that we discuss the colour of a Golden Retriever.  By it’s name it’s meant to be golden.  Our breed standard clearly outlines that a golden can be “any shade of gold from cream to dark gold.  Not white and not mahogany.”  Unfortunately, in today’s world I see Golden Retrievers being advertised as:  reds, English cream, white and would you believe it, some even advertise black!!!  Any breeder advertising these colours are not registered breeders and are not providing a pedigree puppy.  That old saying of “buyer beware” should be taken very seriously if you see a breeder advertising in this regard.

When we do have puppies we will sell puppies to interstate buyers, but we will not put puppies on flights during the high heat of the Australian summer and we DO NOT sell our puppies to overseas buyers.

Recommended reading:  Jan Fennell “The Puppy Listener” ISBN 978-0-00-741378-2 and Jan Fennell “The Dog Listener” ISBN 0-06-008946-6.  Both books are excellent in their instructions on how to train and manage a dog.

We would appreciate that when you enquire about our puppies, you do so via phone or email.  We will not respond to text messages.

When we do have puppies available we use the two processes below to look after our mothers & their babies and to connect with the general public in the buying process.

BlueBreeze The Buying Process

BlueBreeze Mother & Babies

How to avoid buying a puppy from a puppy farm.




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